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Summary of LwT - updated May 2019

Summary of what we heard at three pop-up engagement sessions and two public forums in November 2018

November 2018 Position Paper

The first stage in the Leading With Transit process was the launch: public forums were held on four occasions in different communities within the HRM during April and early May. Given that this project envisions connecting communities across the rural-urban transect, it was important to us that meetings were held in suburban communities from the start. We want to get as many people involved in this project as possible, and ensure that all voices are heard.

We had come up with a series of principles central to the Leading With Transit vision to use as jumping-off points for our discussions at the public forums. These were: “Reliable”, “Frequent”, “Efficient”, “Identifiable”, “Passenger-centric”, “Permanent”, and “Placemaker”. What we heard from the public forums was mostly in line with this set of principles, but the discussions helped us to streamline our list by grouping similar terms together and also brought a few unexplored issues to light. View the full report here.